Start Here!

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Piggy Toes Photography…

If you’ve visited with us before, welcome back. We’re happy to have you.

If you’re new to the Piggy Toes family, then welcome, and I’m glad you found us.

So you’re probably thinking, “what now?”. You’ve found our page, might be interested in a booking a session, but aren’t quite sure what to do next. Let me guide you through our site a bit.

First, you can learn a little about me and my equipment in the tabs at the top of the home page. More importantly, you’re probably wondering what to expect from your session, details about investment, and have a few questions for me.  All of this information is detailed out in the tabs titled “investment”, and “FAQ”.  Also, by using the drop down menu on the bottom of the page, you can see images from recent sessions, categorized to help narrow the focus of what meets the needs of your family. Lastly, if you’ve decided you’d like to book a session, please direct all inquires to

Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you, and meeting your precious little ones!


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