Contact Info + Location

The best way to contact me is via email. With three little ones running around, I usually don’t hear my phone, nevermind have the time to have an adult conversation! But, if you don’t have access to email, you are definitely welcome to call me.

Please do not leave inquires here on the blog, as I do not get notified of comments left here and would likely miss your inquiry.


phone:  774.265.2907



please visit our NEW studio, located at 10 South Main Street, Attleboro MA (2nd floor, sorry, we are not handicap accessible)

The entrance for our studio is just to the left of Morin’s Diner (10 South Main St, signage on the door). You can look for the Piggy Toes Photography sign up under our 2nd floor window. There is on-street parking on South Main, Park Street, and North Main. There is a municipal parking lot directly across from Morin’s Diner on South Main Street. If those locations are full, there is pay lot (very cheap, like 40 cents/hour) across from the YMCA and next to the library on North Main Street. Feel free to call or text if you’re heading for your session and have trouble finding us.



5 thoughts on “Contact Info + Location

  1. Hi, looking for info about first year photos for my daughter. She’s 9.5 months now and will be 1 year end of October. I came across your site and noticed a friend from high school Andrew Gunnison and his family on your site and their photos are awesome.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Kevin Martins. I am a photographer – I typically shoot weddings, portraits, landscapes etc.. but I have a newborn photo session for a friend coming up and if love a bit of prep. I know it’s an odd thing to ask, but may I assist you or a colleague in a newborn shoot sometime? I’m well outside of Worchester and wouldn’t cut into your business. I’d even be willing to pay if you’d be more comfortable thinking of it as a class.

    I’m just looking to improve and I’m contacting the best for help.

    Please and thank you,

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