Dream Baby | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Sweet boy Lucas was a dream baby for his very first portrait session. His parents were totally beaming with pride and joy, and I can’t get enough of his chunky rolls or perfectly round baby face. So honored that his parents chose me to be his first photographer.


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Catching Dreams | Massachusetts First Birthday Photographer

Little Logan is back, and she’s one year old! I just adore this feisty little girl. She has such personality in her tiny little frame, and her mama and I had a blast watching her pose, dance, and smash her birthday cake. Happiest birthday to you, Logan.

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Tiny Baby, Big Love | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

It was such a pleasure to meet sweet baby Westin and his parents. I love his perfect baby skin, and was happy that we got some adorable sleepy poses, as well as some bright eyed shots. Welcome, Westin.

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Baby Plan Graduates | Massachusetts First Birthday Photographer

These two sweet girls, I just adore them both. It was such a pleasure to watch them grow this year, and I’m a little sad that they’ve reached their 1yr milestones. Happiest birthday to Ava and Sienna. Thanks for making me smile!


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A Brother to Love | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Sweet Lucas… such a darling boy. I just adore his kissable, pouty lips, and calm demeanor. It was such a pleasure to meet his family, and chat with big brother about dinos and Legos. Welcome, little one.

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Dream Baby | Boston Newborn Photographer

I can’t even put in to words how amazing my morning was with this pretty little girl. She is just the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby and I’m honored that her family chose me to be her first photographer.


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Tiny Girl, Big Love | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

At barely six pounds, this petite girl has brought with her lots of big love. Mom and dad (and big brother) are over the moon to have a girl in the house, so we celebrated with lots of soft colors and pretty accessories.


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Answered Prayer | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Meet Alaina. Pretty as can be, and loved by so many. This tiny girl is such a gift to her family, and I’m looking forward to watching her grow into a curious baby, tumbling toddler, and happy little girl. xA3 copyxB2 copyxD2bw copyxD6 copyxE5 copyxF4 copyxH3 copy

Sweet Samantha | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Sweetest Samantha is a bit older than most traditional newborn portraits, but she did not disappoint. She slept like a dream (she really loved being warm and wrapped), and has such an adorably calm and happy demeanor. Welcome, pretty girl.


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Babies and Birthdays and Big Kids, oh my!

Well goodness me, this month has certainly gotten away from me. With the kids home from school and some major renovations happening on the homefront, I haven’t had much time to keep things updated her on the blog. But without further ado, here’s a glimpse of some of my visitors at the studio this month…


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